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2016: #whatjusthappened

Twenty-sixteen. Woah, amiright?
Srsly it's been *quite* the year. I could zoom in on my life – me, myself, I moi, what fun – and talk about how I started the year on a small sheep station in the dusty centre of New South Wales, in Australia (population: 2) and ended it in the hustle and bustle of London, the 25th largest city in the world.
I could also talk about my own personal highs – starting a career in television, visiting my UK home for the first time in 612 days – and lows, like having to spend the first part of the year stressing over the visa resulting from said experience living on said small sheep station in the dusty centre of New South Wales. 
Or I could just move on to reminiscing about the exciting (read scary AF) global developments that happened in 2016, like 'Brexit' (not a fun new British biscuit to try with your next cuppa, Mr I've Been Living Under A Rock) and T–. Sorry, let me try that again. Tr–. Urgh, sorry I just can't seem to say it. Trum…

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