Photography: Donald McCullin

On Wednesday a friend took me to Watershed, Bristol's cultural cinema on the harbourside. We went to see McCullin, an incredible documentary about the life and work of the iconic photojournalist. Directed by Jacqui Morris, the film is a powerful combination of archive video footage, interviews, and emotive photo montages; all synchronised with a brilliant soundtrack.

Don McCullin worked for The Observer and, most famously, The Sunday Times Magazine and produced some of the most hard-hitting photojournalism of all time. Images of war, famine and neglect from across the globe (and at home) landed on the breakfast tables of middle England with a sharp thud.

Hearing from McCullin himself about witnessing atrocities and such horrific suffering through the lens was enlightening and pretty upsetting – and where many of us may ask why? How could you do this? – he explained the impulse and instinct behind his job. His nightmares come during the day and will never leave him. Just watching the film was a sobering – but somehow uplifting – experience. Incredible.

Hartlepoole, 1963 | Photo: Donald McCullin

Somerset, 1991 | Photo: Donald McCullin

Britain, 1962 | Photo: Donald McCullin

Bradford, 1970 | Photo: Donald McCullin

Vietnam, 1968 | Photo: Donald McCullin

Ireland, 1971 | Photo: Donald McCullin

Cambridge, 1973 | Photo: Donald McCullin

Cypres, 1964 | Photo: Donald McCullin

Cypres, 1964 | Photo: Donald McCullin

Bangledesh, 1971 | Photo: Donald McCullin


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