The Playlist: Bat For Lashes

Bat For Lashes | Photo: promotional
I first saw Natasha Kahn – AKA Bat For Lashes – on a Glastonbury stage under the heat of June's scorching Somerset sun. I fell in love with her beautiful bohemian vibe and fragile voice that tackled love, longing and loss in a set of songs from her then-current album, Two Suns. I remember her being surrounded by dream catchers and feathers and wolves.

The follow-up to that album is The Haunted Man, released on 11th October 2012. The album tells us about a relationship in its maturity – and asks questions that I am sure we all have at times. "[I] Never whisper you a great love story, only scream and cry and moan/But you're a good man/I just keep telling myself to just let go."

The album artwork is stunning and potentially iconic. Kahn wanted to abandon the headdresses and face-painted imagery of previous covers. The end result, produced by Ryan McGinley, is simple and strong; a nod to the likes of Patti Smith and PJ Harvey. The girl has been hunting and is wide eyed, caught in the act of carrying her catch across her back.

Natasha Kahn | Photo:



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