The Playlist: Nicolas Jaar

Nicolas Jaar describes his formative years as ‘haunted’ by the father of Ethiopean Jazz Mulatu Astatke, and French pianist and avant garde composer Eric Satie. The proof of this sits in the sound of his relaxed and detailed electronic music. His debut album ‘Space Is Only Noise’ incorporates samples of French conversation (Etre), jazz (Sunflower) and the open fifths evokative of an orchestra ’tuning-up’ (Too Many Kids Finding Rain in the Dust); all amongst rhythmic electronic vibes. Always cleverly done to make very beautiful music.

Nicolas Jaar, April 2012 | Photo credit: universal (wiki)

Nico found early success with his first tracks released on Wolf + Lamb Records at just 17 throwing him into the Atlantic dance scene quickly. In order to reclaim space to explore his own sound he decided to establish his own record label and by 2009, Clown & Sunset was born. It was through this that Nico released his incredible debut album.


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