The Playlist: Patti Smith

Patti Smith is the definitively cool – and enviably timeless – female beat poet, visual artist and androgynous style icon of our time. Yes, her earliest music is from another era, but the album release last year demonstrates how her soundworld resonates as strongly today as it did in the 70s. The first album Horses was released in 1975, with Radio Ethiopia in the following year, and the acclaimed Easter in 1978. Eight studio albums and 34 years later Smith released Bangra in 2012; an album inspired by her own "unique dreams and observations". She is still undeniably cool.

Patti Smith | Photo: Robert Mapplethorpe

For me, her art, poetry, politics, style, music and photography – not to mention photographs of her –  so perfectly compliment one another as to be inseparable. She is the very embodiment of an artistic existence. With her 2013 'Japan Tour' and a photography exhibition showing at the Art Gallery of Ontario, Patti Smith is still making waves.

Patti Smith | Horses, 1975

Patti Smith | Radio Ethiopia, 1976

Patti Smith | Easter, 1978

Patti Smith | Wave,  1979

Patti Smith | Dream Of Life, 1988

Patti Smith | Gone Again,  1996

Patti Smith | Peace and Noise, 1997

Patti Smith | Gung Ho,  2000

Patti Smith | Trampin',  2004

Patti Smith | Twelve, 2007

Patti Smith | Banga, 2012

Patti Smith: Camera Solo will take place from 9th February until 19th May 2013. Visit:
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