Food: Polpo

The best restaurant I have eaten in recently is Polpo in Smithfield, London. Polpo defines itself as a 'bàcaro' – a humble restaurant that serves good food and fine young wines. A beautifully rustic decor and unexpectedly bold electronic soundtrack greets diners as they are shown to their prospective tables. The cuisine is simple and fresh Venetian, presented on generous sharing plates. The idea is to order two or three dishes per person and share the delicious delicacies around the table. The plates arrive at non-specific intervals – together or separately – to ensure that dinner remains a decadently laid back affair.

We enjoyed Campari cocktails before our first plate arrived, and later accompanied the meal with a nice warm-bodied red. The Fritto Misto – an irresistible selection of lightly battered seafood – was a particular favourite of mine and I also loved the Goat cheese, curly kale & pine nuts pizzette. Scrumptious. Desert was an exquisite flourless orange cake, and an elegant ice cream cone. Needless to say, we left feeling full and warm and content. For delightfully languorous dining and a brilliant atmosphere, highly recommended!

Polpo, Smithfield | Photo: Polpo

Polpo, Smithfield | Photo: Paul Winch-Furness

Polpo has restaurants in Soho, Covent Garden and Smithfield. There is also a lovely cookbook containing recipes for their unique brand of Venetian cuisine, available in most good bookshops.



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