The Playlist: Foals

I was dazzled by Foals' album Total Life Forever (featuring Miami, Blue Blood and the stunning Spanish Sahara) when came out in 2010. I had enjoyed the debut, which came two years before it, but it was in Total Life that the band showed a new sensitivity, I thought. They describe the sound to be 'like the dream of an eagle dying.'

Photo credit: Foals (promotional)

And now Inhaler, the first single from their imminent new release Holy Fire, is well established on the airwaves, I can't wait to see what they do with the new album. Characteristically rhythmic and original, it is as fresh as past Foals material. And if the video for Inhaler is any indication, it promises to be a brilliant album.

Foals 'Inhaler' from Pulse Films on Vimeo.

Holy Fire is due to be released on 11th February.


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