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None of it is 'designer'. And yet, the interiors of my parents' house is beautifully realised by any standards. When I arrived home for a whirlwind weekend in south west Cornwall, I realised what a stunning job they have done of transforming our old farmhouse.

Builders and decorators by trade, my parents made interiors their living in an understated way. Projects were completed at low cost and with careful planning. Their houses – bought derelict, built up, designed and sold on – have provided the framework for a challenging but rewarding career.

Carrallack Farm, which we moved into as a family in 2002, was a damp and near-derelict 17th-century cottage. Over several years it slowly become the tidy, clean-rustic and accommodating space it is today. A new dresser here; that indispensable heavy chest of drawers imported from Africa there. I would describe it as a minimalist country aesthetic. Horses have been carved into the cement seat window by my mother the artist; rough wooden floorboards lie underfoot in the music room and the upstairs open-plan living room; a larder painted in green stain holds its own in a quiet corner.

My Mum has always kept an immaculate and lovely home, and I have come to fully appreciate the effortless and authenticity of my parents' interior vision. They say home is where the heart is: this one is certainly the product of love, patience and real care.

Brick fireplace | Photo: Rosie Pentreath

The larder cupboard; a green stain finish | Photo: Rosie Pentreath

Kitchen shelves | Photo: Rosie Pentreath

Pasta | Photo: Rosie Pentreath

The wine | Photo: Rosie Pentreath
Carved horses | Photo: Rosie Pentreath

The open-plan bathroom | Photo: Rosie Pentreath

Wooden floors | Photo: Rosie Pentreath

The music room | Photo: Rosie Pentreath

Granite fireplace | Photo: Rosie Pentreath


  1. I love your parents house! You're so right about it being a style developed with patience, love and care. Each bit has a bit of background; it's so interesting and inviting.

    1. Thank you so much Catie. You should come and visit soon - we can saunter down to the sunny coast and spend a long languorous weekend split between my parents house and the beach! x


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