The Playlist: Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Supermodel-and-inspiring-genius Lily Cole is the star of Yeah Yeah Yeahs atmospheric video for Sacrilege, the first single from their latest album Mosquito. Our favourite red-headed super uses her body to break the hearts of all the men (and a woman) of a remote town, before marrying a seemingly unassuming-and-pure young man. A reflection of contemporary society? Perhaps. Ouch.

The video, directed by Megaforce, is brilliantly visceral and raw: with the sexy sound of the single the end result is beautiful.

The album's cover art caused controversy when it was revealed in January, but with that the music is aiming to save rock from its 'wimpier tendencies' – "Where has all the carisma and the sexuality and the gnarl gone?" asks front woman Karen O. With Mosquito, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs promise to bring a bit of that back.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs | Photo: promotional/Dan Martensen


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