Whole Hog Theatre Announces Princess Mononoke To Tour Japan

Princess Mononoke is a Japanese animation that depicts a young warrior's struggle with supernatural guardians of the forest and consumerist humans of Iron Town. This year writer and creator Hayao Miyazaki granted Whole Hog Theatre permission to adapt the film for stage.

When the show was announced and tickets went on sale for April and June runs, they sold out in a matter of hours. Today the company announced that they will take their production home to Japan at the end of April following a successful press conference in the country.

Princess Mononoke was written and produced for the stage in collaboration with Studio Gibli (who created the original animated feature) and is supported by British Council funding, and a sponsorship from Walt Disney Studios.

Whole Hog strives against 'safe' theatre and prides itself on being a company that offers young people the professional experience required to work in the industry.

I already have my ticket for one of the June performances in London's New Diarama Theatre and am looking forward to seeing what they come up with. Watch this space for what I see.

Princess Mononoke, Whole Hog Theatre | Photo: Whole Hog

Princess Mononoke, Film | 1997

Princess Mononoke shows at New Diarama Theatre on 2nd-6th April and 18th-29th June.
The show will be in Japan at AiiA Theatre, Tokyo from 29th April to 5th May.

Visit: wholehogtheatre.com


  1. Hi there, just wanted to say that Whole Hog Theatre is most definitely NOT supported by British Council Funding, and whilst Walt Disney Studio does sponser the Japan tour, Whole Hog Theatre and the production of Princess Mononoke is entirely privately funded by kind donations of Kickstarter and private donations and has no 'official funding' at all. In fact as a small, but ambitious and determined theatre company, Whole Hog Theatre is a very much in need of financial support to continue its work in future. Just want to spread the word. Many thanks.

    1. Hello,

      Thank you for your comment. I must confess I do not usually write about projects that I myself have not yet experienced: I am of course not personally involved with Mononoke and wrote the post at the request of my sister who is performing in the company's pit orchestra (and of course because I love to promote exciting work such as this!). Therefore, if there are any factual errors, I apologise.

      The information is taken from the Whole Hog website (and some from the New Diarama Theatre website). In the credits for the Japan tour on the WH website, a line states "Supported by: British Council" and I apologise for assuming that meant in monetary terms. Perhaps it could be re-worded on the website? Thanks again for highlighting this, and if you are involved with the company or the show at all, I wish you all the best for this exciting project!

      Rosie x

    2. Hi there,

      Thanks so much for your response.

      I think there has been a confusion with PR. The information on the home page of the WHT website regarding Japan refers only to the Japanese sponsors and this does not extend to the London runs or WHT in general - hence the confusion.

      It just seemed really important to highlight this as WHT remains an entirely volunteer run organisation - every single person works for free for love of the project and theatre in general and it is not a large, well funded organisation but a group of hard-working determined individuals funded by kind donations and private support. This kind of confusion (not that is is your mistake!) might lead to funding doors closing if there is the misconception that WHT is well supported/funded already.

      The company hopes to get regular support and funding for future productions as it can't function as entirely volunteer forever and continue it's work as it is.

      Just wanted to clear it up for future - many thanks for your time!



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