Art: Joot – The Forgotten Language of the Cold

Finnish artist Joot showed some of her lovely paintings at Philadelphia Street Gallery in Bristol over the weekend. Walking through Quakers Friars on Sunday, I chanced across the small exhibition of her works and was warmly invited in.

In The Forgotten Language of the Cold refined prints sits boldly on small canvasses of sustainable plywood. Each picture makes use of strong red and black colour blocks carved intimately around detailed dream-like images. Her's is a folk-like style and with this series she explores humans in nature, from the point of view of them being very much a part of nature. Looking at the paintings I felt isolation. And I felt a certain calm; a sense of peace.

The collection comes directly from the artist's Nordic roots and she is clearly inspired by our increased disconnection from nature. She brings that in with the nostalgic quality of her paintings and also with the starting point of this quote from Aristotle: 'It is not in deprived beings, but in those who act in accordance with nature that we must seek what is natural.'

The Forgotten Language of the Cold from Joot on Vimeo.

Joot – The Forgotten Language of the Cold | Photo: Joot
Marjastajat (Berry Pickers) | Photo: Joot
Minun Armeijani (My Army) | Photo: Joot

The Red Bear | Photo: Joot

Joot studied BA Illustration at Arts University Bournemouth and is currently living and working in Brighton. For more information about her evocative works visit:


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