Film: De Jueves a Domingo (Thursday Till Sunday)

Although you will hear music providing a soundtrack in the trailer (below), there is no music at all throughout this entire feature. To me, that was the most strikingly bold thing about De Jueves a Domingo (Thursday Till Sunday), which I watched last Sunday at Watershed.

This incredibly moving and stunningly atmospheric picture is less about the narrative progression than it is about feeling it all – visceral textures and scenes that are vivid enough to taste. The stark desert-scapes of Chile dried the air of the auditorium and the fracturing relationships between adult characters made the space almost restrictively tense (but in the best way).

The relationship between those adult characters is viewed through the prism of the experiences of the children in the film – the girl, old enough to start picking up on the loss-of-love between her parents, and the boy, blissfully unaware in his seven years. 

But as the loneliness of the landscape steadily engulfs the viewer, the psychological plains can only be guessed at. Inferred. But probably accurately interpreted. It's an extremely powerful watch and I recommend it to any fan of the art house film. Stunning.


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