The Playlist: James Blake

James Blake | Photo: press/promotional

At the beginning of this month, James Blake released the keenly awaited follow-up to his genre-defying debut album. The classically trained producer carved out his niche two years ago with an album of minimalist syncopated electronic music that incorporates his own stunningly refined vocals. And with the release of ‘Overgrown’ the spine-tingling adventure in electronic sound continued.

At the moment I am particularly enjoying I Am Sold – for its heart-wrenching fragility (Blake’s voice feels on the edge of cracking) and duel layers of emotive sound – and Retrograde for its raw emotion. Digital Lion is incredible too. If you’re looking for alternative, broken-down, and clever electronic music, trust me, give it a listen.

The sun is becoming increasingly confident by each day, and this music will carry me through the more reflective moments of 2013’s summer, I think. Sometimes you need to find the space and atmosphere appropriate for stopping and thinking, and James Blake is perfect for that. He’ll join me through headphones sitting against the trunk of a large tree, the whole space hazy and dappled with sunlight falling softly through the leaves above.

'Overgrown' (Deluxe Version) album cover



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