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Ok – readers of this blog will know that I don’t usually feature mainstream (country) pop princesses on my playlist. But I have relished hearing the odd track from Taylor Swift’s album Red of late. She is, after all, the Queen-and-unchallenged-champion of ‘The Break Up Song’. And I enjoyed meeting her in the 'Outspoken' Summer '13 issue of Wonderland Magazine. To me, she is totally fun and integral to any eclectic playlist, however cool you wish to stay. And her catchy riffs and punchy lyrics are just right to accompany the summer rolling in.

'We’re happy, free, confused, and lonely at the same time / It’s miserable and magical, oh, yeah.'

The brilliantly contradictory lyrics for 22, the latest single from Red, resonate particularly strongly right now, having turned 22 very recently and (let’s face it) probably feeling that inconsistent mix of ‘happy, free, confused and lonely’. But definitely having fun. Aren’t we all?

Wonderland: The Outspoken Issue – April/May 2013 | Photo: Wonderland


  1. Ok Rosie, darling, light of my life, wonder of my soul, I love and adore you but I do not get it. I cannot stand Swifty and she drives me up the wall with her all encompassing fame and insane PR stunts. But everybody needs a good break-up anthem now and then (mine are via The Vaccines). XXXXX

    1. Look, if she's cool enough for Wonderland, she's cool enough for Rosie Pentreath ;)
      And when I say eclectic, I mean ECLECTIC. It could be reviewing a Wolfpack concert, or the Yeah Yeah Yeahs' lastest video, and perhaps Crystal Castles' new album (via Taylor Swift it would seem!). As I said in the post it's more that I enjoy it when a song comes on, rather than actually adding her to any sort of favourites list. And a couple of the songs make me think 'SUMMER'S HERE!'

      Never fear – my next post is going to be a review of the latest album from The Knife. Watch this space.

      Much love to you, and The Vaccines of course, R x


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