The Playlist: Wild Belle

Has anybody noticed how beautifully, wonderfully sunny it has been outside today? (Of course you all have..). In honour of the current rays gracing us with their bright presence, I have been listening to 'Isles', the summery debut from Wild Belle.

Theirs is a fresh and original sound. Despite coming straight out of Chicago, it comes out a bit like Oh Land on reggae, thanks to the voice of lead singer Natalie Bergman. She is joined in the band by her brother Elliot, who adds his own soft vocals (in the track When It's Over) and occasional growly tenor sax riffs. With the fluid reggae vibe these sax riffs evoke The Specials and Madness even (listen to It's Too Late). This is sunny-festival-style slow motion skanking music – a very happy listen.

Keep You is brilliant. As is the moving June and (my personal favourite) Twisted, for great lyrics and wonderfully flippant rhythms. Listen and watch below.

Natalie Bergman, Wild Belle | Photo: Caleb Condit

Wild Belle | Photo: Jennifer Tzar



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