Wolf Pack 8: TIDE

In October 2011 I was still at university and two enthusiastic masters students approached the music department notice board and left their mark: a promise of a new way of exploring contemporary music. I was one of many who jumped at this fresh chance to explore the more exciting parameters of modern music. Nothing quite like it had been tried in the department before and it certainly generated a catching buzz of excitement.

Wolf Pack: TEXT | Photo: Rosie Pentreath

Wolf Pack: WILD | Photo: Anna Kalogirou

Wolf Pack: LOVE | Photo: Emily Meltham

What grew from the initial hand-written note was the award-winning Wolf Pack – a unique contemporary music collective that went on to curate seven off-the-wall themed concerts (including Wild, Love, Food, Home and Fear). Now we are on the eve of their latest project. TIDE.

Wolf Pack: TIDE will include interpretations of music by Frederic Rzewski, John Eacott, Radiohead and Beach House in a characteristically eclectic and experimental programme. Expect exciting arrangements, new sounds, interesting combinations of instruments and an entirely novel way of thinking about – and experiencing – a live concert of contemporary music.

Originally a collective formed at Royal Holloway, University of London, Wolf Pack has migrated out to London and wouldn't be as brilliantly conceived and held-together without lead wolf Laila Woozeer. As well as her wide-ranging talents in music Laila makes beautiful accessories for her company Racoon Circus (BUY HERE) and records her adventures in a box-fresh-new blog (READ HERE).

Wolf Pack: TIDE takes place at 8pm tomorrow (12th April) at Chisenhale Dance Space in London. Tickets are £5 – HERE or on the door. I am excited. Are you? Let's take a walk in the surf.

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  1. Oh thank you Rosie this is the nicest blog post ever!!! You're so lovely to write such things about the Pack and me as well Xxx


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