Bank Holiday Bliss

Hello! It is May and it finally feels like summer.

The bank holiday weekend passed under the blissful haze of warm spring sun. A lovely friend of mine flew over from Paris to stay for a couple of days and together we took in the sights, sounds and sun of Bristol. I enjoyed showing her the best parts of what is becoming my favourite little southern city and discovered some hidden secrets along the way. It is amazing what the careful glare of the sun can reveal...

Here is what it looked like through an Instagram-tinted lens.

Welcome To Bristol | Photo: Rosie Pentreath
Street artist Stik's long-legged beings stare down at us from a tower that overlooks Nelson Street | Photo: Rosie Pentreath
Street art on Stokes Croft | Photo: Pauline Bradley
The face of art | Photo: Pauline Bradley 
Exploring the street art. I am wearing: blazer by Zara; t-shirt by Zara; Jeans by H&M; Belt, charity shop; watch by Anthropologie; sunglasses, Wayfarer by Ray-Ban; bag from St Ives Leather Craft, Cornwall | Photo: Pauline Bradley

Through the keyhole | Photo: Pauline Bradley

Photo: Pauline Bradley
This stunning church is located in the centre of Old City. Despite working very close by – and passing it probably no less than three times a week – I had never seen it before. What a beautiful sunlight discovery | Photo: Rosie Pentreath

The golden unicorns overlooking College Green were another sunlight discovery – a previously overlooked feature of one of my favourite communal spaces in Bristol | Photo: Rosie Pentreath

College Green | Photo: Rosie Pentreath

People from all walks of live meet and greet on College Green | Photo: Rosie Pentreath

The cheesy (but iconic?) self-shoot | Photo: Rosie Pentreath

The robin who came to tea. We sat in the back garden of Bosten Tea Party, Park Street and enjoyed seeing song birds flitting around for the odd dropped morsel | Photo: Rosie Pentreath

Another beautiful religious facade discovered and properly appreciated in the sunlight | Photo: Rosie Pentreath

The blossom on the trees is breathtaking at this time of year – spring is here | Photo: Rosie Pentreath

Before any purists out there comment on the rather liberal use of the Instagram edit here, may I point out that using the quick-editing app was a strong theme of the weekend and it suited the languorous, rose-tinted time we were all having.

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