The Playlist: Daughter

An album that softly documents and perfectly romanticises the bittersweet experience of lost love holds a place close to my heart these days. One such album is the gorgeous debut from Daughter, released back in March. The London-based indie folk trio formed around the solo work of Elena Tonra in 2010 and has released three EPs since then.

And now they give us If You Leave, the full studio album released on 4AD. Tonra's guitar and vocals are accompanied delicately and cleverly by guitarist Igor Haefeli and percussionist Remi Aquilella. My favourite tracks are Winter for subtlety and atmosphere, Youth for the brilliant lyrics, and Still, because Tonra's conviction is so strong and her intentions so powerful. It's real anguish you can feel.

+ They recently covered Daft Punk in BBC Radio 1's Live Lounge. So cool.

Give Daughter a listen. Stunning stuff.

Elena Tonra | Photo: Daughter/promotional

Elena Tonra | Photo: Daughter/promotional



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