The Playlist: Woodkid

I have been listening to the richly-orchestrated and irresistibly heroic tracks from Woodkid's debut album, 'The Golden Age'. He incorporates full orchestral passages into his edgy neofolk tracks. There is no shortage of trumpet fanfare, luscious sting laments and driving snare riffs. Yes, it certainly verges on overly-sentimental, and pompous, but remains cool in the roughcast vocals. I like the contrast.

Woodkid is the stage name of Yoann Lemoine, the French music video director and graphic designer who has worked on videos for Katy Perry (Teenage Dream), Lana Del Rey (Born To Die) and Taylor Swift (Back To December). He certainly has credentials, and this album is carefully written and produced with much more depth than a lot of music that is being pumped out.

I recommend the opening track The Golden Age for sheer memorability, Stabat Mater for its clever incorporation of choral extracts and Boat Song for lovely piano riffs upon which ernest lyrics can float easily.

Woodkid | Photo: Woodkid/promotional

Woodkid | Photo: Woodkid/promotional



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