Music: Olympia by Austra

Katie Stelmanis, Austra | Photo: press/promotional

Toronto-based band Austra have exceeded all expectations with their new album Olympia (although that does seem impossible following the high praise for the debut Feel It Break). Stunning from the very start, the album sees the band covering new ground, whilst retaining the strong vocals and catchy electronic vibe that they are known and loved for.

The opening track What We Done? introduces a heavier bass and more layered texture than anything we have seen before from Austra, and these are to run through the entire album. Forgive Me similarly possesses a deep sound, with bass motifs shattering the chorus deliciously. 

Other striking tracks are Home (released previously as a single), with a piano chord opening and Austra-esque strong vocals accompanied by a beautiful flute-like flourish throughout, and Annie (Oh muse, you) for pure energy.

You Changed My Life and I don't Care (I'm a Man) demonstrate classic stripped-back Austra confidence and quirky sensibility. I love the way lead singer Katie Stelmanis enunciates words and splits syllables across wide beats.

 It is a more-than-satisfying and wholly impressive album. Buy it.



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