The Playlist: Austra

Austra | Photo: promotional/Austra

Austra is one of my all time favourite electronic bands. From Toronto and led by the fantastic singer-songwriter Katie Stelmanis, the band formed in 2009 and is identified as being a 'gay band' – that is, in Stelmanis's words, "being gay and being in a band" (in reality she has always considered it important to keep the two identities separate). 

The debut album Feel It Break hosts the singles Lose It and Beat And The Pulse, which are both endlessly good, and the band has just released tasters from the imminent album Olympia

Home is playing on repeat through these speakers. It is characteristically strong, subtle and catchy in the Austra way. And whilst having plenty of energy it is gentle and – well – cool. The other track I have heard in lieu of Olympia's release is Painful Like. Again it has brilliantly energetic vibes and electronic riffs that make it instantly likeable. Austra is one of my lifelines; a band I go back to time and time again for a fresh sound and strong intentions. Give them a listen.

Austra | Photo: promotional/Austra

Austra | Photo: promotional/Austra

Olympia is released in Canada on 18th June.


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