The Playlist: Daft Punk

Daft Punk | Photo: Murdo MacLeod

Who hasn't been playing Daft Punk on repeat lately? Random Access Memories has certainly dominated many a playlist since it was released on 17th May. With this album Daft Punk has not let us down – I can't get enough of it! With the affirmative opening track, and that beautiful-and-reflective The Game of Love coming directly afterwards, it is instantly irresistible. There is of course Get Lucky, which has been adopted by every DJ at any kind of club night, or on any radio station, and the brilliant Giorgio by Moroder featuring the producing legend and founding father of electronic dance music; Giorgio Moroder himself. I also love Within for powerful melodies and sadness, and Doin' it Right for the sheer sense of fun and confidence. 

Daft Punk are pure cool and deserve the legacy of true greatness they have earned – their synthesised melodies and careful harmonies are unbeatable. With Random Access Memories they are dominating the album charts and I don't know many people that can't help singing along to the catchy chorus of Get Lucky. Feel good vibes for the start of summer.

The real Daft Punk | Photo:



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