The English Seaside Chronicles, Part II

Burnham-on-Sea | Photo: Rosie Pentreath
False advertising? A day at Burnham-on-Sea
I keep doing this. I keep promising myself an idyllic beach day. You know the one – tan bodies, the smell of sun cream mixed with sand, and a refreshing dip in the Atlantic. But it doesn't ever quite work out that way now that I live in Bristol. You may recall my post about Weston-super-Mare, another typically-English day at the seaside. Last weekend I spent a similar day longing for my beach-babe roots. Yes, I am from South West Cornwall, and at times just crave one of those magical days on golden sands lapped by turquoise seas (yes, it does sound too good to be true doesn't it? But it is true).

Anyway, we jumped in the car with the ambitious intention of reaching Devon's north coast. Two hours, one HOT traffic queue and a quick Google search later, we decide to take the next turn towards Burnham-on-Sea. "It looks big and really nice!". I think the photographs and small iPhone screen made the pier look bigger, the sea look brighter and the mud – yes, more mud! – look a whole lot sandier!

But it turned out to be a beautiful day in spite of the threats of knee-deep sinking and occasional militant commands shouted at us through the tannoy. "That's quite far enough. Please make your way back up the beach." Yes, we did make a run for it (I really wanted to splash my ankles!) and yes, we were reprimanded. Not exactly the bohemiam beach dream, huh? We had a lovely sunbathe though (tan bodies – check); gave in to taking a walk rather than trying to reach water; and even enjoyed an ice cream on the modest pier. So, a lovely traditional seaside day it turned out to be. And the good news is that I am heading to Cornwall next weekend, so will get my salt-water swimming fix then. 

The mud plains of Burnham-on-Sea | Photo: Rosie Pentreath

Sailing the mud | Photo: Rosie Pentreath

Shining | Photo: Rosie Pentreath

Marooned | Photo: Rosie Pentreath

'Wish you were here' • We went paddling at Burnham-on-Sea | Photo: Rosie Pentreath


  1. Oh my gosh what's with all the mud? Where's the sand?! XXX


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