The Playlist: First Aid Kit

Although I had discovered them a few months earlier, it was at Glastonbury that I fell in love with First Aid Kit. The Swedish folk duo dish out the best in americana country music. Drenched in poignant lyrics and the loveliest harmonies, the songs are journeys in love, life and learning. I have never felt so drawn to the American road trip as I was when I lay back in the grass and listened to the girls perform songs like Emmylou and Waitress Song on the Pyramid stage.

The second album, 'The Lion's Roar', is playing on repeat in this house. It conveys a sumptuous romanticism whilst holding sentiments of realism and true feeling. The title track is my favourite for the lovely melodies and In the Hearts of Men has pretty folky harmonies that swoop through controlled thirds to discords, and back again in a seamless and beautiful way.

Johanna and Klara Söderberg had their first demo track Tangerine played in Sweden throughout the summer of 2007 and from there they were signed by Rabid Records (co-owned by The Knife) for the EP Drunken Trees. Since then they have released two studio albums. The earthy and textured country music they make can be compared to that of Fleet Foxes, The Lumineers and Emmylou Harris.

Johanna Söderberg, First Aid Kit | Photo: Richard Johnson/NME 
Klara Söderberg, First Aid Kit | Photo: Richard Johnson/NME



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