The Playlist: Deap Vally

We all have times when emotional strength has dwindled a little and hope is somewhat dampened. Music always helps and for mine, I have Deap Vally. At these times it has to be strong, uncompromising and 'a bit too cool'. These girls tick all of those boxes.

Deap Vally is the duo of Lindsey Troy on guitar and vocals and Julie Edwards on drums (the pair allegedly met in a knitting class and have been inseparable ever since). It is LA rock made of dirty guitar riffs, driving drum beats and powerful vocals. Live the pair make more noise than many a five-piece and you can expect to be utterly absorbed by the entire set. I  certainly was when I saw them play Glastonbury this year. And hearing it all over again in the album – Sistrionix, released back in June – is not a disappointment.

Listen to End of the World for gutsy vocals and try Your Love for old-school conviction in feelings. Bad For My Body feels like an anthem for my generation. OH ye-e-e-eah.


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