The Playlist: Mike Oldfield

My speakers are having a 1970's revival. I keep pressing play on the remastered versions of Mike Oldfield favourites. Branded as 'prog rock' back in the day, Mike Oldfield is a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter best known for Tubular Bells.

When he released Tubular Bells in 1973 nobody had heard music like it. And it is a testament of a level of talent that is rare in the industry these days. Talking about the album Mike Oldfield states, 'Everything on Tubular Bells was done on the first take - it was lovely, so spontaneous. I had such a long time to prepare it, and I had just one little chance to do it, and now I listen to it and it has a lovely spontaneous energy. It's got mistakes, and I could easily have cut them out, but I left them on.'

The album I love the most is actually a handmade family mix-tape (only one exists in the whole entire world) containing tracks from the seventies and the eighties as well. We used to stick it into the cassette player on long drives up the country on the annual family holiday. To me Five Miles Out was so perfectly epic and Foreign Affair seemed utterly exotic. And my all time favourite Oldfield song has to be Moonlight Shadow.

I am feeling all nostalgic...




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