Wolf Pack 9: NEWS

I am currently sitting in my little flat in Bristol, staring through the window across the rooftops shrouded in silver-grey dusk. As I do this Wolf Pack is embarking on its ninth conceptual concert 107 miles away in east London. 

Sadly I can't be there. At work I have been grappling with new software for the iPad edition of the magazine and have only just escaped the office – suffice to say the Bristol-London public transport would have to take the form of apparition or a portkey (a la Harry Potter) to get me to the concert on time. But I know that I am missing a treat so I thought I would tell you a bit about it all anyway.

Wolf Pack: NEWS explores how the news is presented and why items considered as 'newsworthy' are considered to be so. The music of Frank Zappa and Radiohead is programmed alongside contemporary 'classical' works (including three world premieres) to conceptualise our relationship with what we are told by the media.

As well as curating NEWS, Wolf Pack's fabulous founder and director Laila Woozeer (she keeps a gorgeous blog too and you must read it HERE) deserves a shout out for recently building a brilliant new website. It tells you all you need to know about the wolves' adventures in music.

Wolf Pack, which I was a member of just last year, has always totally transcended genre and exceptions around instrumentation in its productions. Music is chosen and arranged purely to fit the players present and illuminate a specific theme. First it was WILD, and from there we walked down the isle in LOVE, ate too much FOOD and made the university music department into our HOME for a night. When I had to say goodbye to the group to pursue my dreams in magazine journalism last summer, the Pack went on to leave their tracks on TEXTFEAR and now: NEWS.

The good news – about NEWS – is that the whole thing is happening again tomorrow night! Same time. Same place. So if you've got your hipster head on and/or want your mind to be blown by talented musicians and their incredible performance creations, head over to The Rag Factory just off Brick Lane, east London.

I miss you little wolves...

Wolf Pack: News | Photo: Arnold Bogerth/Wolf Pack
Wolf Pack: News | Photo: Arnold Bogerth/Wolf Pack

Visit: welcometowolfpack.com :: event details are HERE.


  1. Oh Rosie! How did I miss this post! You are such a sweetheart thanks for such a lovely write-up. I do hope we can see you at the next one nd we all miss you too :) XXX

    1. Thanks lovely! And I will see you on Wednesday hopefully for the Ruhm and Clay show x


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