The Playlist: Factory Floor

In a recent interview for Wonderland magazine, Nik Void described how she and fellow band members "take a sound, manipulate it, put it through [a] sampler, regurgitate it and then spit it out." She went on to say that the band has been "trying to master how to tame that raw sound over years of playing." Such freshness and dedication was evoked in Wonderland's short feature that I had to check the music out for myself (of course).

Factory Floor formed in 2005 and after a few self-produced records, released their first studio album this September. The electronics trio – as well as Void, there is Dominic Butler and drummer Gabriel Gurnsey – retained control over every stage of production in their fantastic debut album.

An industrial minimalist aesthetic pumps through the uninhibited dance tracks – it is a fresh sound for sure, and definitely never lacking in energy. At the same time the record carries a sense of calm confidence in its intensions. It is just what I need to take me into autumn with enough enthusiasm to face the colder air and darker evenings. Very cool.

Factory Floor


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