Sugar Blind: Marika Hackman

Marika Hackman | Photo: promotional

The second EP from Marika Hackman was released yesterday (9th December) on Dirty Hit Records. Entitled 'Sugar Blind', the brilliant lyrics that Hackman can be relied on for are wholly present throughout. As are the enchanting melodies and beautifully delicate harmonies. 

This record adds a new layer of sensuality to the kind of material we saw in her debut, 'The Iron Taste'. Take the first track Cinnamon. How can the opening lyrics 'Honeybee / fill me with that sticky stuff / golden in the light / disc of sweet delight I'm sugar blind' be described as anything but deliciously sensual and seductive? It is a striking and affecting song that gets under your skin.

The second track Itchy Teeth contains characteristic Hackman-esque darkness in its heart-wrenching melodies and – at times – disturbingly visceral lyrics. The singer is bold with the space she takes and melancholy she allows into the music. This is powerful stuff and Hackman at her best.

I've been left to lick my wounds for too long / I'm down to bone / calloused tongue / itchy teeth

The third track Wolf also taps into the darkness that the 21-year old singer never seems afraid to show us. With reference to love, pain, suicide and destructive relationships the song contains the experience of ages and again has gorgeous melodies.

You're taking me down / with every crease in your frown / The folding of your skin is making me feel queazy 

The forth track is a cover of Joanna Newsom's 81. Hackman has made a lovely new version of it, but I think I would have preferred more of her own stunning original lyrics to end the record.

All in all, as with the rest of her music, Hackman is utterly unafraid in her use of harmony, melody and abstract lyrics in this EP. I never fail to be utterly astounded by the songs the young artist comes up with. She is definitely one of the best things to have happened in British Folk music recently.

Now all I have left to say is that I can't wait for the first full-length album.



  1. Lovely stuff RP. I'm just listening to her first album now! x


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