The Playlist: S O H N

I recently discovered producer/singer/songwriter, S O H N. Based in Vienna (via London), he produces all his own vocals and music singlehandedly. It is melancholic stuff, heartfelt and moving with great synth melodies and soulful beats. You could compare him to James Blake, but his voice is softer and the music less fragmented than Blake's. Think sweeping lines rather than glitchy beats. And I don't think he is as edgy and distinctive as Blake.

Contract Killer Prose / Calmly walks away as blood flows/ Open, the wound grows / Melts away the water froze – S O H N, Bloodflows

But it's reflective stuff, good for a contemplative mood. It's suiting me very well whilst I write away in my cosy flat, looking out over icy rooftops. This is music that encapsulates wide spaces, so take it travelling.

Sohn | Photo: Christian Pitschl



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