Music: The Golden Filter, Unselected Works, Vol. 1

Unselected Works, Vol. 1 is an album of stand-alone songs unrestricted in style, theme and form from american electronic duo The Golden Filter. "We felt that these songs should remain 'unselected' and not part of the machine", say Penelope Trappes and Stephen Hindman on their Facebook page. "We love them to death. Enjoy."

These sonic experiments are indeed all tracks that contain the very best of what the duo have become known for; sultry tunes over soft-edged beats and layered textures. 

Never Let Them Know is idiosyncratic Golden Filter: a subtle-but-relentless and slowly-evolving beat underlying a soft synths melody and ethereal vocals from Trappes. Black Monday follows with an entirely different feel and is a gorgeous example of Trappes' enchanting voice and the duo's striking chord sequences. Vows Pt.2 is a more confident brash answer to the opening track Vows Pt.1, both providing a masterclass in how The Golden Filter use layers of rhythmic patterns above subtle white noise and distortion to great effect.

Other great tracks on the album are the stripped-back and moody Cheerless, and I Want U for suspense and raw energy. A different mood is introduced again in Seasaw, which is heavily rhythmic and syncopated.

More Vows come back with Pt.3 before the final track, Cover My Eyes and Spread My Legs which is euphoric and dancy; all catchy loops, driving beats and soaring synths. Intense and delicious.

This is a brilliant selection of experimental electronic music – give it a listen.

The Golden Filter | Photo: promotional/The Golden Filter



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