Music: Warpaint, 02 Academy Bristol

Last Friday I got myself down to the O2 Academy in Bristol to see the amazing Warpaint on tour with their new album Love Is To Die. To say I was anything near a super-fan when I walked in would be dishonest, but I had definitely fallen for them by the time I left.

Ultra-cool and drooling Los Angeles superiority into every well-crafted song, the four piece all-girl indie rock band was assured, precise and engaging. Tracks from the new album including Love Is To Die, Hi and Feeling Alright ('this is our attempt at a feel good song') went down so well. And an extended encore that included Billie Holiday and Elephants was the first explosive moment of the night. It never got 'dance-y' exactly, but these girls really know how to hold a crowd.

The sound is definitely 'LA' to me. All the girls sing on different tracks, with Emily Kokal and Theresa Wayman fronting on guitar, Jenny Lee Lindberg on bass and Stella Mozgawa playing drums.

If anything, the set felt pretty short when Warpaint said 'thank you. Good night!' for the first time. But the encore was as inevitable (as they all too often are when a band finishes an hour before curfew) as the songs that would be included, and pretty affective the way it played out. Another fantastic Bristol gig.


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