The Playlist: Sia

Sia's We Are Born is pure music gold. The 2010 album may be old news to some people, but (sorry) it only entered my consciousness a couple of months ago, for whatever reason...

Anyway, I am lucky to be buoyed up by it now. I love the first few tracks – The Fight is a brash and brilliant opener, Clap Your Hands is one of the catchiest of the album and the lyrics in Stop Trying are great. And Be Good To Me is an irresistibly earnest declaration.

This is a great album to go into spring with (spring is almost palpable now, huh?).

And just a few days ago Sia released Chandelier – an RnB thumper that she herself claims could have been a chart topper for the likes of BeyoncĂ© or Rihanna (the kind of stars she regularly writes hits for) had she not written it for herself. I'm glad she kept it her own. Happy listening!


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