My weekend in Iceland

My latest assignment for work was to travel to Iceland and cover Tectonics, a festival of contemporary experimental orchestral music, over there. Apart from the opportunity to visit one of the most beautiful and dynamic parts of the world, I got the chance to hear a wealth of inspiring music, wander to my heart's content with my Pentax and a couple of rolls of 35mm (one of my favourite things to do in the whole world), and breath in an endless supply of ice-fresh North Atlantic air.

It was a real treat and I came back feeling invigorated. Before I write up my little piece for the magazine (to appear in a future issue of BBC Music Magazine – watch this space) I thought I would share some of the snaps I took over there.

Harpa concert hall, Raykjavík | Photo: Rosie Pentreath

Inside; looking out | Photo: Rosie Pentreath

Reykjavík | Photo: Rosie Pentreath 
The old harbour, Reykjavík | Photo: Rosie Pentreath 
Reykjavík harbour | Photo: Rosie Pentreath

Ordiderfraulst | Photo: Rosie Pentreath

Harpa | Photo: Rosie Pentreath 
Harpa; looking up | Photo: Rosie Pentreath 
Harpa | Photo: Rosie Pentreath 
The old town, Reykjavík | Photo: Rosie Pentreath

In the old town, Reykjavík | Photo: Rosie Pentreath

Hallgrímskirkja, Reykjavík | Photo: Rosie Pentreath

Inside Hallgrímskirkja | Photo: Rosie Pentreath

Hallgrímskirkja | Photo: Rosie Pentreath

Reykjavík | Photo: Rosie Pentreath

Hallgrímskirkja, Reykjavík | Photo: Rosie Pentreath

Street art in Reykjavík | Photo: Rosie Pentreath

The Bear | Photo: Rosie Pentreath

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