The Playlist: Foxes

Foxes is the word on everybody's music lips these days. I kept hearing the singer – real name Louisa Rose Allen – mentioned everywhere before I picked up the free iTunes download from Starbucks the other week and, after that, finally listened to her debut album, Glorious.

Glorious it is too. Youth, the song that iTunes offered in the Starbucks promo, sounds fresh and dancey, and is that perfect blend of optimism mixed with angst perfect for the summer days of a twenty-something. Other great tracks on the album are Talking to Ghosts, with those great opening synths, and White Coats for interesting rhythms and a bit of mystery. Echo has a chorus worthy of many a chart-topping banger.

Allen has a strong voice and blends gently melancholia with driving beats and instantly appealing electronics. A new favourite.



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