When not at Glastonbury...

For the first time in six years, I did not spend my last weekend of June at Glastonbury. Not jumping on that train to Castle Cary on Wednesday afternoon felt like missing a homecoming; at best, it was like not turning up for work. There is a slight twinge in the gut when you hear of thousands of people gathering where numerous times you have gathered yourself to experience your very favourite thing – live music performed by some of your favourite bands of all time.

The only thing that made it much-more-than-bearable was spending the weekend in Cornwall. There is nothing quite like whiling away a gloriously sunny weekend at home with your friends and family after a busy few weeks. On Friday we hurtled down the M5 towards the very end of the land and my home, St Just in Penwith.

I am lucky to be from one of the most beautiful places, I think, on earth and the universe so willingly conspired with us as to give us the perfect weather. We were able to enjoy a languorous pint or two at the local pub, indulge in a barbecue of mythic proportions, reminisce with conversations around a dying fire and visit Golowan festival's Quay Fair Day, all in the space of just over 24 hours.

Golowan is Penzance's celebration of midsummer – a revival of the Feast of St John which died out in the 1890s before being revived a century later. The main event, Mazey Day, takes place in the centre of Penzance and is flanked by Mazey Eve on Friday and the quieter Quay Fair Day on Sunday.

Quay Fair Day happens around Penzance's harbour with stalls and fairground rides thronged by hundreds of relaxed people. We heard music by community groups and waved regularly at familiar faces.

And so, whilst I am kicking myself for missing Blondie, Warpaint, Anna Calvi, Goldfrapp, M.I.A., Lykke Li and London Grammar (to name just a few) at Glastonbury, I am confident that it would have taken something pretty spectacular to beat this special weekend.

A single rose | photo: Rosie Pentreath

The new farmyard residents | photo: Rosie Pentreath

The pop-up pedi factory | photo: Rosie Pentreath

Mum's ferocious fire | photo: Rosie Pentreath 

photo: Rosie Pentreath
St Michael's Mount | photo: Rosie Pentreath 
Tom Leaper's memorial of Cornish fishermen lost at sea | photo: Rosie Pentreath

Newlyn stream | photo: Rosie Pentreath

Looking towards Quay Fair Day, Penzance | photo: Rosie Pentreath 
Cheap thrills | photo: Rosie Pentreath

Penzance harbour | photo: Rosie Pentreath

The loyal companion | photo: Rosie Pentreath

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  1. Lovely photos Rosie! I love how Devon has it's own cultural calendar :) I haven't been to Glasto for about 3 years now but went to the previous 12 and it was really weird the first year I wasn't there! Hope you're having a lovely summer xxx


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