A weekend in Berlin

Berlin. The city of nightlife, graffiti and hipsters. I have just returned from my first visit – a four-day exploration of the streets, dive bars and parks of this city where history is everywhere, prices are low and the people are stylish. 

known for being laid back, the streets are thronged with relaxed smokers and people walking along drinking beer on the weekends. And our last night happened to coincide with the World Cup final so – with Germany reigning victorious – we were even able to join in with loud celebrations, side-stepping fireworks that sprang up on the pavements and covering our ears against the constant sounds of car horns. 

The adventures lay in trying to find underground bars in the back streets, working out which train stations would remain open for any one journey and following directions to an apparently non-existent abandoned theme park (watch this space for my blog about that). 

Staying in an artist's flat in Kreuzberg; walking past the murals of the East Side Gallery of the Berlin wall; seeking abandoned amusement parks; and languishing in pop-up bars – all of these things contributed to Berlin's ability to more than meet my expectations. This is a city that never sleeps and constantly moves forward with makeshift galleries and edgy shops cropping up everywhere – even the down-and-outs are entrepreneurial, collecting glass and plastic bottles from bins to make money from recycling.

Here are the highlights in pictures (see captions for details). As usual, I used a Pentax K1000 and 35mm film for all of these photographs.

We stayed in a flat in an old building in the east of Kreuzberg, owned and wonderfully decorated by artist Zoë Claire Miller. This fantastic poster watched over our bedroom | photo: Rosie Pentreath

The kitchen was home to these marvellous creatures | photo: Rosie Pentreath
Charming details like this quirky lamp emerged all over the flat during our stay | photo: Rosie Pentreath

I instantly recognised street artist ROA's style from Bristol in this mural of hanging animals in Kreuzberg | photo: Rosie Pentreath
Even the fire stations in Berlin carry murals | photo: Rosie Pentreath 

Make Love Not War | photo: Rosie Pentreath
Oberbaum Bridge, Berlin | photo: Rosie Pentreath

Berlin graffiti | photo: Rosie Pentreath

Kate takes stock under the watchful gaze of Berlin's street art models | Photo: Rosie Pentreath

The East Side Gallery, Berlin Wall | photo: Rosie Pentreath

Cyclists enjoy welcome respite from the rain | photo: Rosie Pentreath
I <3 Berlin | photo: Rosie Pentreath

The East Side Gallery, Berlin Wall | photo: Rosie Pentreath
The East Side Gallery, Berlin | photo: Rosie Pentreath

The East Side Gallery, Berlin | photo: Rosie Pentreath
This club has taken up residence below ground level in central Berlin | photo: Rosie Pentreath 
Alexanderplatz, Berlin | photo: Rosie Pentreath

The Fernsehturm TV Tower, Berlin | photo: Rosie Pentreath

Berlin Dom (Berlin Cathedral) | photo: Rosie Pentreath
On Sunday we stumbled upon the tranquil weekend retreat of local Berliners – a hamlet of restaurants and attractions around the river Spree. We enjoyed taking a pedalo out in between the leisure boats and seaplanes | photo: Rosie Pentreath

The birthday champagne | photo: Rosie Pentreath 
This lively pair appeared to be about to spring off their podium in Kreuzberg  | photo: Rosie Pentreath

The best street corners in Berlin are home to Photoautomats, the greatest selfie-makers there are. Strips of four photographs take five minutes to arrive outside the booth and when they do you have to shake them dry for another five minutes | photo: Rosie Pentreath

Visit: rosiepentreathphotography.tumblr.com to see more photography from my travels


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