The Playlist: Trentemøller

Trentemøller's Lost album is an eclectic mix of different vocal collaborations (including with The Drums's Jonny Pierce and members of Low), dance tracks full of driving synths and spectral dream-pop songs. I think the eclecticism is what has kept me returning to it time and time again.

Candy Tongue featuring Marie Fisker is a memorable track, as is Never Stop Running with Jonny Pierce, his familiar Drums-voice soaring over the 80s-style quick beats. Deceive featuring Sune Rose Wagner is another good one; perfectly dark and dramatic.

Anders Trentemøller emerged out of Denmark a few years ago with his debut The Last Resort, which is a much more ambient and abstract dance album, kept more in focus by a uniform style.

I think a lot of the tracks on the latest album owe their greatness to the collaborations, not Trentemöller himself. Still, it's a good listen for those looking to add a bit of 'Scandi Chic' to their record collection. For something more authentically Trentemøller turn to the two earlier albums, The Last Resort (2006) and Into the Great Wilde Yonder (2010).


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