Bath in Autumn (II)

Bath has to be one of the most beautiful cities in England. One of the country's designated Heritage Cities, its Georgian and Edwardian buildings are dignified and beautiful, arranged in swerving crescents and sturdy columns around the famous Royal Baths. In my opinion, there is no better time to visit than in autumn (I wrote a blog about it last year) when the leaves are changing colour and the air is gearing up for the arrival of winter.

I recently used a day of my annual leave to lengthen my weekend and spend a few hours in Bath. We wandered through the ordered streets and leaf-strewn parks, visiting Urban Outfitters to thrash out a round of Super Mario Kart (yes, really – the Bath UO takes hipster to the next level) and popping in to the new Anthropologie store, before taking stock in a cosy pub.

Another highlight was a visit to Paxton & Whitfield – selling 'exceptional cheese since 1797'. Nothing beats a beautiful round of soft goats cheese with a packet of spicy chorizo crisps eaten on the go.

My favourite part of the day was when the clouds dispersed and a layer of sun turned the tops of the trees and buildings bright yellow. It was a magical end to a perfect holiday Friday.

All photos © Rosie Pentreath (taken on iPhone 4S)


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