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My lovely friend Laila, who contributes to the blogosphere through Tape Parade, has nominated me for a One Lovely Blog Award post. I feel honoured to be asked – thank you Laila. 

To explain, one Lovely Blog is an award shared from blogger to blogger to promote and praise up-and-coming blogs they like. The rules are very simple – award a blog that you think has lovely content and is worthy of being nominated. If you have been nominated yourself, thank your nominator and answer the questions they have asked to find out more about you. Finally, nominate any of your own blogger friends – et voila! Blogging love...

So, thank you again Laila – and read her fantastic blog! Laila asked me the following questions and I set myself the challenge of answering as spontaneously and quickly as possible.

1. What is your favourite animal?
A red panda – just the other day I was sitting under a heat lamp, watching passers-by in Bristol with my best friend when we agreed on their superiority.

2. What is your favourite meal to cook?
With the winter upon us, a hearty leak and potato soup. Although, nothing beats a goats cheese and butternut squash risotto

3. Do you think the Green Party is underrepresented in current media? (UK centric, sorry)
I certainly think the Green Party is underrepresented. The cliché goes: 'They have environmental policies, but what about everything else?' Of course they have a manifesto covering broader issues; that just doesn't get publicised.

4. When is the last time you took a day off?
The last time I took a day off was for a special trip to Bath with my girlfriend.

5. What do you know about 3D printing and how excited does it make you?
Good question – I am kind of obsessed with 3D printing! I remember when I read about a designer making a 3D-printed range of shoes and later heard about clothing ranges. It got me thinking about construction – will future generations say 'What?! They used to physically build with bricks and mortar?!' I can imagine a world where the skyline is coded in and printed out. After that, I found out that a housing estate had been printed in china.

– RP –

Now I nominate: Polly BartlettThe Back Garden Tourist and Hearts and Hands.

I would love to know:

What are your five favourite albums of all time?
What is your favourite thing about the lead up to Christmas?
Wallpaper or paint?
Winter or summer – and why?
What is your most memorable trip away?

Happy blogging!


  1. Yayyyy! I love your answers Rosie - thoughtful and quirky. Hope you're doing well, I do miss you lots! Come visit London sometime xxx

    1. Thanks! I love your questions :-) Miss you toooo – oh I am in London next weekend with my gf actually! Are you around?! PM me xx


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