The Pentax MV1

On a fateful day in October I left my very favourite possession – a 1970s Pentax K1000 – to the mercy of the number 75 Bristol bus route. The camera had fallen off my shoulder, tragically unnoticed and never to be seen again.

Denial, anger, depression – I went through all five stages of grief over the ensuing hours. And – worse – I was totally disappointed in myself for losing a camera my mother had bought when she was 16 years old and passed on to me to take with me all over the world – from Berlin to Iceland to the Greek Islands.

Help was soon at hand, though, and from the very fount of generosity that bestowed the original camera on me. My parents had ventured to the Promised Land that is eBay and found me a lovely little Pentax MV1 as a replacement. Forgotten in a dusty corner it seemed, the vendor was asking just £6.50 for the beautiful thing.

A compact 35mm SLR first produced in 1977, the MV1 has an auto function on its shutter speed so everything can be operated more quickly and easily than on the Pentax K1000. It also has a self timer (aka the selfie feature) and large rings to attach the carry strap to. I missed my K1000, but sensed that this was going to be the start of a brand new adventure; I was ready to move on.

And so – here are the first few snaps I have taken on my new Pentax: photographs of the colours and contrasts I have found in and around Bristol over the last couple of weeks. Enjoy.

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