Hello 2015

It's difficult to begin to say what a fantastic year 2014 was. Five brand new places travelled to – Jersey, Bulgaria, Iceland, Berlin and Oldenburg. One very special person met and Paris revisited on one dreamy weekend away. One digital editor and staff writer job achieved. One coming out article published by The Debrief. Numerous sensational artists experienced live...

Looking at the new 2015 calendar laid out in front of me I can say that I have got some big adventures in the pipeline for this year too – each of which will no doubt be divulged in good time. 

Now I am not one for making resolutions once a year (why not stop doing that annoying thing you do right now, whatever time of year it is?) and if I did, I probably wouldn't tell The Internet. Maybe by this time next year I'll have published a short but controversial novella, or better still, opened a rescue home from stray dogs and cats.

Whatever it is, here I just want to say Happy New Year and don't forget to HAVE FUN.

RP x

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