The Playlist: Alpine

Apart from the fact that the album art (above) is fantastic, Alpine's new album, Yuck, deserves some huge praise. Tracks like 'Foolish' and 'Shot Fox' are instant crowd pleasers, with choruses that are as catchy as they are uplifting. And 'Jellyfish', 'Much More' and 'Need Not Be' are all beautiful and insightful in equal measures.

I was lucky enough to see the indie six-piece live at Sydney's Metro Theatre last Saturday. You don't usually expect electronic artists to match the sound of their studio albums note-for-note when they perform live, but Alpine really does. It's a rare skill, I think. They even invited brass and string players to the stage when needed.

Lead vocalists Lou James and Phoebe Baker both have powerful voices that more than endure their stage antics (Baker often leans right down over her microphone, making regular contact with the stage floor, while James leaps across the space unhindered). They performed a good mix of old and new stuff as well, which is always good.

They're Yuck album is a brilliant collection and I implore you to have a listen. It's proper summer soundtrack stuff.

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