Hello 2016

The turn of the year was an unusual one for me. I was flung out of space over in Australia, upside-down; down-under; on the other side of the world. I finished 2015 labouring on a farm in the outback and, although I was afforded a break over Christmas, began 2016 in an anticlimax back on the farm.

So the first week of 2016 was as strange as the last quarter of 2015, but we are a week into the year and I am finally back in Sydney for good. And how wonderful it is to be back! The end of 2015, spent thousands of miles from the people and places I know and love, was a time of reflection while the beginning of 2016 has already been filled with brand new memories: of stunning firework displays at Sydney Harbour, of photowalks with my new medium format camera, of meals from sushi trains, of long late-night discussions, of wonderful open air cinema experiences.

Being back in Sydney has made me determined to make 2016 a year of creativity. I want to take all the things I learned from the remoteness of the Australian landscape and put them into how I write, how I see and how I photograph. I will continue to travel, visiting new parts of Australia including Tasmania and Uluru, and I would love to make it to Japan this year as well.

It's an exciting year for all of us. We more interconnected across the world than ever before and social movements, including those for gender equality, LGBT rights and gun control, are gaining more and more momentum as the internet exposes people to issues that they may have not thought about before; movements that will have a positive impact even on populations that think these issues have nothing to do with them.

New Year's Resolutions? I probably wouldn't tell you even if I did have some. And besides, any day of the year is as good as any other to change so it's as likely to be the middle of May that I make up my mind to do something in my life differently as it is now.

I am a little late saying it, but Happy New Year! R x

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