What if you could have a 'Netflix' for live music? Now you can: enter, GiggedIn Infinite...

Gigged In Netflix for live music, Sydney

Have you ever wished there was something like Netflix for live music? That you could pay one, small monthly fee for as many gigs as you like without having to spend hours trying to find the next best live events before signing up to several websites to get hold of tickets?

Now you can. Enter, GiggedIn Infinite. Dubbed 'the best investment any person can make for their social life' due to its power to give members the ability to attend an unlimited number of live music events every week, GiggedIn works just like Netflix and Spotify.

How GiggedIn Infinite works

• You pay $35 per month
• New gigs are dropped on GiggedIn's website at 12pm every day with two day's notice
• If you want to attend an event, click the RSVP button and you'll automatically be placed on the guest list for that event – there's no need to book tickets separately 
• On the day, give your name and ID at the door, and say you're on the GiggedIn guest list, and you're in!


GiggedIn Infinite is the latest offering from entrepreneur Edwin Onggo's Sydney-based company GiggedIn. Founded in 2012, GiggedIn was born of Onggo's desire to get more people out of their homes and experiencing live music. It was founded as a crowdfunding platform for music fans and musicians to get more live shows put on and sold out, and has worked with the likes of Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs and George Said Management to put on events. The company expanded to GiggedIn Infinite five months ago and the service is currently only available in Sydney, with plans to extend to other cities in Australia. You can get tickets to events at Metro Theatre, Oxford Art Factory, Plan B Small Club (formerly Goodgod), The Vanguard, Newtown Social Club and many more venues in Sydney.

Why you should subscribe to GiggedIn Infinite

It's so easy – you pay one monthly fee and have unlimited access to events at over 20 venues in Sydney. There are no nasty hidden costs, complications or catches.
It's great value – for $35 a month ($8.75 a week) you can go to a different gig every day. Think about it, most gigs ordinarily cost around $20, so as a gig-goer you are saving a huge amount while seeing more music than ever.
You will discover lots of new music – if you're going to a gig every day for the price of peanuts, you won't think twice ever again about going to a performance by an artist you don't know because you're only paying a couple of dollars for it. Imagine all the fantastic new music you will find!
You will be supporting musicians and venues – there is nothing worse than playing to an empty room, and by signing up to Infinite, you are helping to guarantee artists an audience to play to. Plus, while venues are closing all around us, GiggedIn is doing important work in keeping the scene vibrant and getting music fans to fantastic events. Who wouldn't want to be part of that?

So, you want in? I have a special offer for all my blog readers looking to get the most out of Sydney's music scene.

How you can sign up to GiggedIn Infinite (and get $15 off your first month of membership, on me)

• Enter PRROSIE and click 'claim' 
• You will have a seven-day free trial, starting from the first event you want to attend
• If you decide to stay a member, you will get $15 off your first month's fee

Visit infinite.giggedin.com or GiggedIn's FAQ page to find out more. If you have any further questions, feel free to leave a comment below, email me or find me on Twitter.

Happy listening!


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